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[greenyes] multifamily recycling survey
Eureka Recycling, a non-profit recycler in St Paul Minnesota, is
conducting a study of multifamily recycling programs. We are sending out
surveys and collecting education materials to analyze the best and most
frustrating aspects of multifamily recycling.
If you work for a city, township, or company that runs a multifamily
program, we'd love for you to participate. Or, if you've performed a
similar study, we would love to see your findings. 
Please e-mail Eureka's Outreach Specialist, Rob O'Brien at
robo@no.address if you are interested
Rob O'Brien, Outreach Specialist
Eureka Recycling 
624 Selby Avenue
Saint Paul, MN  55104
Phone: 651-222-7678 x114
Fax: 651-221-9831
Email: diannak@no.address 
Website: <> 
Eureka Recycling, a nonprofit organization created by the Saint Paul
Neighborhood Energy Consortium, specializes in recycling and waste
reduction services, programs, education and advocacy. Our mission is to
reduce waste today through innovative resource management and to reach a
waste-free tomorrow by demonstrating that waste is preventable not

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