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Re: [greenyes] Rural Recycling Models

The Del Norte Zero Waste Plan, and the Del Norte Resource Recovery Park should be models for you to consider. The ZW Plan can be found at I can provide you with an electronic copy of the Del Norte RR Park Feasibility Study, if you'd like it.

At 04:25 PM 05/15/2003 -0400, EarthGB@no.address wrote:
Dear All,
We're looking for information, case studies, contacts, and other
resources/suggestions on successful rural recycling programs, especially ones
serving small populations (under 5,000) in large geographic areas (over 500
square miles).
Of particular interest are approaches addressing the needs of residents and
businesses in a group of small communities intermingled with wilderness
areas, national & state parks, campgrounds, Native American reservations,
tourist resorts, and so on, where there are both permanent and visitor
In addition to programs serving all of these kinds of stakeholders, we are
looking for programs serving any one type, such as a single rural community,
national park, reservation, etc. Also of particular interest are any rural
program examples located in mountain/desert environments.
Ideas are also welcome on integrated rural approaches for both discard
(solid waste) management and recycling (including composting, reuse,
recycling economic development, and the other R's).
Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. This research is to
support development of recycling options for a cluster of communities in a
remote area of San Diego's "back-country" near the famous Palomar Mountain

Many thanks,
Gretchen Brewer
Earth Circle
San Diego, CA
ph  619-298-7626

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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