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[greenyes] Recycling, jobs and food for trash.
Hi there

My name is Jacques and I am from South Africa. A while ago, I saw a program
on national television about Curitiba, Brazil. I was very impressed by the
recycling system that they have going there. I am looking into something
similar for my region.

Do you have access to any information on this (or this type of) recycling
project? I am looking specifically into job creation through trash recycling
and the producing of products from recyclables. I am looking into
establishing mini-businesses that would be run by people from the
communities, and thereby creating employment and also establishing a food
for trash project, the said trash being the feeder for this system, in
co-operation with local councils and whatever waste they produce. I am also
looking into vermiculture as a metod of disposing of the resultant
biological wastes. Specifically, I am looking at finding out which products
they produce, how they do it, and how to effectively launch and run such a
project in an economically viable manner.   Also, since this project will
start out small, I am very interested in finding inexpensive ways to recycle
all and any kind of material.  Any experience that you have, and are willing
to pass on will be of great help.  Any and all help you could give will be
greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Jacques Grové

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