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[greenyes] Fwd: ZERI Third Certification Training Deadline 6/2
Apologies for Cross-Postings

From: "Lynda Taylor" <lyndataylor@no.address>

Attached is the ZERI THird Certification Training which begins September 13 of this year. the dates are: September 13-16, December 6-9 and March 6-9, 2004 all in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area. Gunter Pauli will be the main course instructor during the full 12 days (broken down into three four day modules), together with other ZERI international experts who will provide course training on projects implemented around the world. Deadline for submittal of application is June 2, 2003, and course is limited to 25 new applicants after a selection process. Contact <mailto:Taylor@no.address>Taylor@no.address for more information. We also have a series of photos from the last course that we can send if interested (and have the capability to receive large files). We are hoping to set up a website in several months to post these and other photos and information.

Sorry for any cross postings, and please send to others you think may be interested.

A Fourth Certification Training will begin in March 2004, and continue in June and Sepember of 2004. If demand is great, we will schedule a Fifth Training to start in June of 2004, running September and December. THe FIfth course will be the last course offered with GUnter Pauli as the primary instructor (he has committed to Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM - a non profit - to be in New Mexico every three months through the end of 2004 to do these trainings, which are not being conducted anywhere else in the world at this time). Gunter Pauli is founder and director of ZERI Foundation, a non profit established under Swiss law in 1994. Pauli is also a United Nations Honor Recipient, author of numerous books (most recent "Upsizing" ) and articles, professor, father, businessman and former President of ECOVER, a highly successful manufacturer of biodegradable detergents. ZERI's emphasis is on meeting society's basic needs for food, clean water, healthcare, shelter, clean energy, and a platform that generates jobs that builds a society founded on a high quality of life. ZERI is a system in which the use of our natural resources (forests, lands, water, minerals, agriculture, as well as our industrial processes) beneficially uses all "wastes" and emissions as input for some other production process that adds economic and social value, while simultaneously improving environmental conditions. See <> for successful projects around the world.

After 2004, the course will continue in New Mexico with instructors who have been ZERI Certified, with special guest appearances from Gunter (as well as with other international ZERI experts) due to other commitments he has in Japan, Italy, Colombia and other parts of the world.

The course is designed to provide a deep understanding of systems thinking and development of skills in using the ZERI methodology. THe goal is to have a pool of inspired, energetic, ZERI trained and certified individuals who can apply the ZERI principles and methodology in their communities and in their work. Trained and certified individuals will be able to apply systems thinking to design or inspire the design of ZERI projects in collaborative efforts that could involve community and business leaders, state and federal agencies, schools, scientists, engineers, etc.

Lynda Taylor
Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM
P.O. Box 8017
Santa Fe, NM 87504
<mailto:Lyndataylor@no.address>Lyndataylor@no.address (international)

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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