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Re: [greenyes] Campus Recycling - Year End
Bowling Green State University has just completed its second year 
of year end campus recycling.  Growing locally, it is also serving to 
model other campus programs.  Involving students who live off-
campus may be a good next step.   I believe BGSU has about 
7500 students living on campus.  Below is some publicity on the 
BGSU program.

Don Scherer

When you Move Out, Don?t Throw It Out? campaign nets goods for 

Area food pantries are overstocked, families in transition have 
received furniture, and needy people throughout the area are 
sporting new clothes, all thanks to the overwhelming generosity of 
BGSU students and some community members.
For the second year in a row, University students and staff have 
collected unwanted clothing, household goods and non-
perishable food items for distribution to a number of food pantries, 
homeless and domestic violence shelters, and other 
organizations for the needy in the area.
?I didn?t think it would be possible to collect more than we did last 
year, but we did,? said Nick Hennessy, associate director of 
residence life for educational initiatives, which headed up the 
effort. ?It far exceeded my expectations.?
?When You Move Out, Don?t Throw It Out? collection bins were 
placed in all residence halls and convenience stores around 
campus. The collection gave departing students a way to put their 
cast-offs to good use, Hennessy said.
Food donations alone weighed in between 40,000-50,000 
pounds, including 10 pallets of tomato-based products given by 
an off-campus advocate for feeding the hungry. Clothing donations 
were ?very high,? Hennessy said, with hundreds of name-brand 
coats, jeans, sweaters, shirts and shoes. About 45 irons were 
among the numerous household items donated, along with 
personal hygiene supplies.


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