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[greenyes] residential curbside diversion rates
I am trying to identify residential curbside collection programs which have a 
documented diversion rate of 55% OR ABOVE, excluding processing residue, 
based on tonnage from all collection programs (refuse vehicles, greenwaste 
and or food, traditional recyclables (paper and containers), plus any other 
additional collection service in the program (e.g. e-waste, clothing).  I 
only want residential curbside collection program tonnage, not diversion 
rates based on estimated tonnages from surveys of donation practices, source 
reduction, etc. such as allowed by the California Integrated Waste Management 
Board.  Any information about programs throughout the United States which 
meet or exceed this minimum diversion rate would be very much appreciated.  
I'd be happy to share the results of my research.

Joan Edwards
J. Edwards & Associates, Inc.

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