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RE: [greenyes] Throw-a-way DVDs
This is outrageous!  Does anyone know where to write to complain?  I can't
believe a company whose mission is providing entertainment to kids would
take such a short-sighted step.  I couldn't find any reference to this
project on the Disney website, though.  

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Subject: [greenyes] Throw-a-way DVDs

Just what we need once used DVD then throw it away. This can not happen. 

This DVD Will Self-Destruct  

Reuters 03:51 PM May. 16, 2003 PT LOS ANGELES -- This disc will
self-destruct in 48 hours. That is the warning Walt Disney will issue this
August when it begins to "rent" DVDs that after two days become unplayable
and do not have to be returned. 

Disney home-video unit Buena Vista Home Entertainment will launch a pilot
movie rental program in August that uses the self-destruction technology,
the company said on Friday. 


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