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[greenyes] RE: Vote which would harm glass recycling imminent in Oregon
I just got word that Oregon's HB 3637, the "Glass to Trash" bill
referred to in Jenny Gitlitz' recent posting, is likely dead.  It was
due to be voted on in the Oregon House today, but was sent back to
committee instead.  Evidently there was a quick response by recycling
advocates and others that convinced the Oregon Beer and Wine Association
to withdraw the bill.  

Oregon law currently prohibits the disposal of source-separated
recyclable materials.  This provision originally passed as part of
Oregon's Recycling Opportunity Act in 1983.  Besides applying to the
curbside and commercial collections programs created under the Recycling
Opportunity Act, it also applies to the materials collected under the
Oregon bottle bill. HB 3637 would have provided an exemption that would
allow the disposal of glass.  The Association of Oregon Recyclers and
other bill opponents were able to quickly convince legislators that
there was no need for this bill, as adequate alternatives for recycling
glass exist even in the rural parts of the state.
Peter Spendelow
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

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