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RE: [greenyes] CD jewel boxes?
Check out "Ready Made" magazine; I forget which issue this was in, it was maybe 6 months ago, but they give you instructions on how to make a great coffee table out of old jewel cases!  it's really cool!  Sorry I don't have any more info, but you can check out their website ( and contact them about it.

Heide Feldman <hfeldman@no.address> wrote:
I would give them to schools or youth programs, they can use them for
crafts. We also give away our extra CD's, there are some good websites about
re-using them. Recycling is really not a good option for the cases.
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A tenant here has a large quantity of CD jewel box/cases that are in very
good condition, and they are likely to continue generating them.

Any ideas how to reuse or recycle the ones they have? 

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