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RE: [greenyes] Examining room paper
A few thoughts ...

It seems to me like much more of a Health Dept issue than a recycling issue.
I'm really surprised that the paper isn't discarded into bio-hazard, but
each city has different policies.

I've been in enough examining rooms to know that there isn't any kind of
film on the paper that would prevent its recycling.  I'd ask the hospital
procurement office to give you the number of their supplier who can talk to
whatever special processes might be used to ensure the paper's sanitary
level.  Most paper has a bleach process to it, though, so I doubt that
there's anything there that would be an obstacle.

Intuitively, there doesn't seem to be any reason it couldn't be recycled.

Amy Bauman
VP Business Devel

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From: CUYLER Alex D [mailto:Alex.D.CUYLER@no.address]
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 11:48 AM
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Subject: [greenyes] Examining room paper

Hi All:  A question for paper recycling experts: Is examining table paper
from a medical clinic recyclable?  I've just done a waste assesment at a
clinic and this question came up.  They discard it into their trash
currently, not into any kind of bio-hazard container.  It's a bright white
paper, but fairly thin.  Thank you for commenting.-- AC

Alex Cuyler
Recycling and Solid Waste Specialist
City of Eugene Planning and Development Department
phone: (541) 682-6830
fax:      (541) 682-6806

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