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Re: [greenyes] Plastics News - Opinion Piece on state bottle bills, etc

Too bad about the cartoon with the opinion piece, which shifts the impact of 
what Steve Toloken wrote to a less balance perspective in my opinion. 
Plastics News link for Toloken opinion piece and cartoon is:

Lance King
Community Solutions
Arlington, VA

In a message dated 4/28/03 12:45:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, lkingeco2 

> GreenYes,
> Plastics News (April 28, 2003) carries an interesting Opinion Piece by 
> Steve Toloken on the growing interest at the state level and among major 
> media in expanding current bottle bill laws in Massachusetts, Michigan, and 
> New York.  While he doesn't support or oppose the proposals, Toloken 
> focuses on the relationship between these proposals and the fiscal crisis 
> in state government.
> Toloken also address related issues from proposed plastic bag bans or taxes 
> in the United States, to policies being advanced from Ireland to Taiwan.  
> He raises concerns among some in the business community about all these 
> proposals, but notes the lack of effective alternatives from the beverage 
> industry to reverse the declining beverage container recycling rates.

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