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[greenyes] a short farewell!!

Hi all...

Believe it or not, I am taking some time off - for a small adventure! My partner and I 
are travelling into West and North Africa for the remainder of the year..... no emails, 
no cellphones, no TV and no meetings!!

I need to find my batteries first, before I can recharge them! (just how I am feeling at 
this stage *grin*).... so, I will not be around for the rest of the year...

I never thought that I would be unsubscribing from this list, so I never kept the 
indstructions! so will list managers please help?

To the people managing the list, and everybody on the list:
Thank you for adding great value to me personally and in all my work and campaigns 
- the sometimes robust debate, and wide ranging views have helped make me more 
effective in what I try and do.... be it Zero Waste work, toxics, and even nuclear, the 
people on the list have always given freely..... I appreciate each and eveyone of you, 
no matter whether we agreed or not - do keep up the fantastic work that you all do - 
together, we will change the world!

If there are people you think I should meet with in West or North Africa, do send me 
their contact details... it will be great to meet activists there!

have a great 2003, and may all your dreams come true!!
kindest regards and many blessings....

your friend

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