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[greenyes] Re: worms

You don't need to read them. Organics are a legitimate topic for discussion. Food waste composting is gaining increasing interest and worm composting is an effective way of dealing with food waste. Recycling coordinators and educators often appreciate learning of effective ways to reach out to constituents, particularly if they are not part of the "choir." If they get some ideas from me, fine. They won't get them if I don't put them out there.

Dear Green-list,
I think it is rude of Mary Appelhoff to periodically send her self-promotional worm rants through this list, especially when one member was so concerned that people cut and copy and not hit the reply button to save bandwidth.
I am very under-impressed with the whole vermi-composting and I do not want any more e-mails about it.

PS We have a delightful children's color picture book, "Compost, By Gosh!" by Michelle Eva Portman. I've had a wonderful time reading it to elementary school children. . . and I know that middle school kids like it, too! Check our website for details. Available now for $16.95 plus $5 shipping and handling.

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