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[greenyes] Re: washable bottles contact
From: "Blair Pollock" <bpollock@no.address>
To: <greenyes-digest-help@no.address>
Subject: Re: greenyes Quest for washable bottles
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Hi Bob:
Maple View Farms is a local dairy (~160 head)  here in Orange Co. NC that =
started up a few years ago and uses washable glass milk bottles for its =
quart and half gallon sized products. Deposits are about $1.00 for quarts =
and $1.50 for =BD gallons. People don't readily forget that! Their pint =
containers are plastic.=20

They are successful  tho have relatively high bottle loss from breakage =
and bottles getting recycled in with other glass recycling. Their products =
are carried in local natural foods stores and in Harris Teeter,  one or =
our two mainline grocery chains, The other, Food Lion, opted out from =
carrying the returnable bottle because they didn't wish to incur the =
handling costs and couldn't/wouldn't  UPC them.
You may wish to contact them: Maple View Farms: (919) 933-3600.

PS they also started a successful on-site ice cream parlor (following the =
example of several Connecticut botique dairies)  and now sell their beef =
there as well. They sold off some land for high value homes and put some =
of their land in a land conservancy. That's the new way for local farms to =

Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 21:05:20 EDT
To: greenyes@no.address=20 
From: KirbGood@no.address=20 
Subject: Re: [greenyes] Wanted:  Manufacturer of refillable beverage =
container filling and washing machi
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In a message dated 4/19/03 3:52:45 PM, MrSodaWon@no.address writes:
<< I am looking for a US manufacturer of equipment for filling and =
refillable beverage containers. >>

I think there may be none, because there are almost no companies washing=20=

bottles in the country.  Check Beverage Industry magazine for used =
and check distributors of equipment for the bottling industry for =
contacts.  I believe there are a number of systems made in Italy and =

Bob Kirby


Blair Pollock
Solid Waste Programs Manager
(919) 968-2788
fax: (919) 932-2900
PO Box 17177
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-7177

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