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[greenyes] NY Times - Saturday Recycling Editorial & Sunday article European Rules
GreenYes Listerserve,

Mayor Bloomberg has made an enormous contribution to revitalizing the 
recycling debate.  The New York Times editorial from Saturday indicates that 
the cost of curbside recycling and benefits of suspending collection of some 
materials are much smaller than originally project.

The whole Bigger Better Bottle Bill campaign in New York really gained 
momentum last year in the wake of Bloomberg's proposal last year.

Interestingly, The Sunday New York Times carried a story in the Business 
section on page 6, titled "Europe Gets Tough on U.S. Companies" by Samuel 
Loewenberg, focusing on "environmental and consumer protection legislation 
that will go further in regulating corporate behavior than almost anything 
the United States government has enacted in decades."  Take back laws and 
regulation of chemicals are a big part of the story.

I only have the hard copy, so someone else will need to find the web link.

Lance King
Community Solutions
Arlington, Virginia

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