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[greenyes] Glass reuse and recycling
For those looking at alternatives for glass reuse and recycling, you might
want to check out the publication, "Reusing and Recycling Glass in Manitoba.
Challenges & Opportunities. September 2000", prepared by the Manitoba
Product Stewardship Corporation and on the Internet at

Early on in the report is a group of tables from the Warmer Bulletin, giving
the advantages and costs of refilling bottles, recycling bottles back into
bottles, and reusing the glass for non-container purposes. The remainder of
the report focuses on local, non-container uses for glass, including both
specifications for different uses, a chart of over 130 projects of local use
in Manitoba, several case studies, and examples of what are called
leading-edge developments. It closes with a page-long bibliography of
documents that are available from MPSC.

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI 

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