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Re: [greenyes] The environmental impacts of recycling glass
In a message dated 4/14/03 1:40:56 PM, bobandcamille@no.address writes: << 
Unless you are putting your garden rocks in your trash can >>

To all of those who don't agree with my rock analogy, yes, my rocks DO go 
into the trash can.  I have a small lot, and when I'm weeding and I pull out 
a few rocks, they go into the trash can.  It probably amounts to a little 
more weight than my glass recycling.  

And I claim that if the City of Seattle offered my neighbors and I the 
opportunity to put rocks into recycling, we would all generate some.  So the 
rock analogy is perfectly equivalent.

And Steve knows better than to claim that it makes no difference whether you 
handle materials as waste or recycleables.  There's a whole lot more handling 
in recycling.  Which is fine if your end product isn't rocks.

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