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Re: [greenyes] The environmental impacts of recycling glass
In a message dated 4/14/03 7:06:44 AM, Reindl@no.address writes:

<< Other LCA models also exist, including one by Argonne National Labs, which

looked at the distance to which cullet can be transported before the energy

of transportation exceeds the energy savings. If  I can find the data of

these other studies, I will let people know. >>

I have a copy of the Argonne study John mentions.  If anyone wants the NTIS 
report numbers, I'll dig it out.  The greatest energy advantage is to washing 
glass containers.

Glad to see the discussion evolve into a wider one of how harmful to the 
environment in general various container materials are.  Regardless of 
today's economics, a material that can be remade, theoretically an infinite 
number of times, into the same thing with only an energy investment and no 
emissions, is certainly appealing.  Whether glass container manufacturing 
will survive the onslaught of geopolitical oil economics for the next decade 
is a whole other question.

Bob Kirby

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