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Re: [greenyes] Fwd: Re: [greenyes] The big picture on glass

On 13 Apr 2003 at 11:30, scott kender wrote:

> What cost is it to the environment to extract the
> materials to make new glass????? How come this is not
> part of your equations to figure out
> cost-effectiveness?
>   That seems to me the 'hole' in the big picture of
> any cost analysis of raw materials versus recyclables.
> Just because creation does not present us with a
> dollar amount cost does not mean it costs us
> something. And in reality, that is what the recycling
> movement is about: cutting down waste, and the need to
> continue the antiquated, and very environmetally
> unfriendly, sourcing of raw materials.

well said! the equation is NOT difficult - the raw materials for glass will never run out, 
and if we generate the energy sustainaby (solar thermal, wave whatever) then glass 
must win hands down over any and all plastics - plastics, no matter how you cut it, 
cannot and should be considered even mildly sustainable.....

the toxics issue, and the externalisation of those costs aslo should be considered....


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