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Re: [greenyes] The big picture on glass
I like this.
I've thought of turning existing drop-off centers that aren't doing so well into redemption centers.
Let them issue vouchers and make redemption more convenient/likely.
Keep the depots vital in case we NEED full-line recycling depots.
Structure the deposit system to allow improved facilites and equipment.

Gosh, that must be my dollar's worth.

>>> "Pete Pasterz" <ppasterz@no.address> 04/11/03 02:11PM >>>
The bigger picture on glass...why make it a choice local government has to make??  Since most consumer glass packaging is now used for beverages, a bottle bill would be an effective way to take financial and physical responsibility from local units and private haulers/processors and place it between the consumers of these beverages and the producers and suppliers.   Oh yeah, it would reduce recycling costs and effort for lots of plastic and metal, too!--Maybe enough to free up resources for organics, toxics, and more paper grades!!!

My 10-cents worth [I'm from MI; 5-cents elsewhere]

>>> Andy Telfer <cwma@no.address> 04/11/03 04:39PM >>>
Dear recyclers,

GLASS is a problem. Glass is heavy. Glass markets are more and more just a 
second use as opposed to closed loop. Glass is inert in the landfill. 
Glass, in single stream programs, contaminates other materials.

It's no wonder many recycling collection operations are considering 
removing it from the recycling stream. And why not? People occasionally put 
rocks & dirt in the garbage. Is glass different?

Let's look at the big picture. If we have to make a choice between 
recycling organics or recycling glass, I say spend the money on backyard 
composting promotional programs, or curbside chipping & collection.

I'm a dedicated recycler, so I want to recycle as much as possible. But 
just because we've recycled glass in the past doesn't mean we have to 
continue, especially when faced with tough financial choices. Is glass 
recycling lower priority than other materials? I put the question to you.

Andy Telfer
Executive Director, Coast Waste Management Association
FALL CONFERENCE October 22-24 Victoria, BC, Canada 
PO Box 85, Qualicum Beach, BC, V9K 1S7, CANADA
tel 250-752-8293        fax 250-752-4487         


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