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RE: [greenyes] Sorry - as a general lurker
Not to add to or create any confusion, but I don't think the categories in
John's question are mutually exclusive.  Sure, it is obviously important to
deal with mercury, but that doesn't rule out also diverting and recycling
glass, aluminum, and other things.  Once again, market forces, local issues,
politics, geography, and a host of other factors come into play.  Someone on
this list mentioned that in parts of the Midwest (sorry I can't remember the
details) there actually was a sand shortage.  Since (or once) they've banned
mercury and dealt with proper disposal of it, it could be more important to
divert glass to offset the sand shortage.  


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"For example, is it more important to divert a ton of glass, a ton of
aluminum or a ton of mercury (or even a hundred pounds of mercury)?"

As eloquently as possible.....

John, no offense intended I just want to make sure that other readers DO
NOT get confused, which is something I see happen here often.

Regards... C. William

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