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[greenyes] Sorry - as a general lurker - you've caught my attention.., Fast Food, GreenDot

As a "good corporate" citizen - why is it weird that corporations recycle their waste office paper - but companies like McDonalds don't have "blue, and black bins" for their recyclables - a ton of their cup tops could be recycled and their fry, mcnugget and burger boxes could all be recycled - and I think it is funny - but those old styrene containers that they got rid of - are they not more recyclable than the burger wrap/wax papers?  

How much do the fast food chains contribute to landfill every year - I once heard that the golden arches senior officials thought that waste was good because it filled in all of the mining pits.

Why is it so difficult for them to put in Waste containers that divide materials - much of North American citizens divide daily - why can't they???  Is there anything being done on this level? I know in Canada - I've never seen a recycle bin in a fast food place - but I see recycle boxes in shopping mall food courts all the time.  

I know first hand that recycling works - an ICI plant I think in Cornwall Ontario - has Mega bails of recycled cardboard - and the smell of their plant - while putrid - smells of wet cardboard.  So something is going right.  

One more thing - has anyone heard of the GREEN DOT program?  I know it is used in Germany - but in Canada - I believe the GREEN DOT program is owned by the Plastics Association or something.... Clarification would be great.


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