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[greenyes] Re: "we don't really recycle, so why should i?"myth,

I just returned from a meeting with our City's cable tv channel folks.  The purpose fo the meeting was to brainstorm ideas for my summer series of tv spots aimed at increasing participation in our program.

The primary thrust of the ads will be showing people what their recyclables are made into.  I hope this helps address this question of things not really being recycled.  It is sad that we even have to, but what's life without challanges.

As for Michael Moore, he is nothing more than a showman who has adopted leftists causes as his platform.  He has yet to convince me he is really interested in changing things, but rather that he is interested in promoting Michael Moore.



George P. Dreckmann
Recycling Coordinator
City of Madison, WI

608-267-2626  FAX  608-267-1120

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.
  None but ourselves can free our minds."
                                                   Bob Marley


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