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[greenyes] RE: Recycling Kiosk Designs
Hi Jeanne:
Combining all those things together (maps, advertising, and collection
containers) will be challenging. 
May I suggest, though, incorportating some recycling or reuse into the
kiosk itself. The RE Store, in Seattle and Bellingham, markets used
building materials--doors, windows, molding, blackboards, bulletin
boards--and lots of other "stuff" that could be used to build fabulous
kiosks. Recently, we even received a donation of small cabinets that
were used for "electronic" kiosks. Inside they have shelves for
computer CPUs and sound systems. They have holes cut for wiring to the
monitors that once sat on top, and they have speaker grills set in the
Perhaps you have similar stores in your area or could locate similar
materials for reuse. 
It would be interesting to incorporate recycled products in the design
Jim Jensen
The RE Store
1440 NW 52nd St.
Seattle, WA 98107
"Jeanne Liston; Environmental Resource Center" wrote:

Our city is looking to build informational kiosks that incorporate
recycling into them.  They'll need to have space for large city maps
and business advertising, as well as the ability to recycle 3-5
commodities.  Does anyone have samples of recycling kiosk designs or
know of a successful program that we could use as a guide?
Thanks for your help!
Jeanne Liston
Outreach Coordinator
Environmental Resource Center
PO Box 819
Ketchum, ID 83340
Fax 726.1531

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