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RE: [greenyes] successful single stream programs?

The following web address has a pdf file that you can download that is
the final report of the collection study that Eureka Recycling conducted
that provides quite a bit of comparative information regarding Single
Stream collection and processing. After reviewing it, feel free to email
or call me and wee can discuss it.

Hope all is well with you.

Tim Brownell 

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From: Brenda Platt [mailto:bplatt@no.address] 
Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2003 2:40 PM
To: greenyes
Subject: [greenyes] successful single stream programs?

Does anyone know of successful single stream recycling programs? The DC
DPW will be piloting a single stream recycling system on one of its
routes.  Some benefits of the collection system will be that the
semi-automated collection will reduce worker back injury and strain and
make the collection program more efficient.  The drawbacks may be
increased contamination of recyclables and a larger reject rate at the

What has been the experience of other programs trying single stream
collection?  Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?  Have recycling
rates increased or decreased?  What has been the impact on costs?  The
impact on collection workers?

Any information would be most appreciated!


Brenda Platt
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Washington, DC

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