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Re: [greenyes] State laws and legislation on computer takeback programs
In Rhode Island, Clean Water Action is currently lobbying for RI to pass a law demanding computer companies take back their waste.  I think they are focusing on dell, in particular.  If the law passes and the companies do not comply within 2 years, then they are not allowed to sell their computers in Rhode Island.
 Michele Raymond <michele@no.address> wrote:We have all the information in our master file.

However, it is for subscribers.

We will be posting it soon for subscribers.

Sorry I cant make it available free.

We spend many days compiling legislative information.

best of luck!!

Michele Raymond

At 11:20 AM 3/27/03 -0600, Reindl, John wrote:
>Can anyone provide a link to or a compilation of existing or proposed state
>laws on computer takeback programs?
>Thanks much,
>John Reindl, Recycling Manager
>Dane County, WI
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