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Re: [greenyes] SUVs and the U.N.
John Waddell posted:

"Of course the SUVs were handy, there's no denying that.  Tinny Toyota

Corollas or Ford Escorts wouldn't hold up under such usage.  I just
find it 
ironic that the U.N. continues to preach against western energy
(the SUV being the most cited example) while operating a big fleet

The irony is, indeed, compelling but there remain real applications for
SUVs - even the monsters that the UN inspectors are using.  I doubt
seriously if those SUVs are stock items that can be bought from any
dealership.  Chances are they are custom built and heavily armored, like
the ones used in the presidential motor fleet.  Needless to say, all
that extra weight means an even more pathetic fuel economy.  But if
you're being shot at staying on a highway might not be the most prudent


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