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[greenyes] Chromated Copper Arsenate
NEW YORK TIMES - 3/18/03

Agreement Reached on Use of a Pesticide

ETHESDA, Md., March 17 (AP) - An accord between manufacturers of wood
preservative and the Environmental Protection Agency was approved today to
halt the use of an arsenic-based pesticide in most consumer products by
Environmental groups asked the government to ban the chemical for use on
wood playground equipment because they said it could increase children's
risk of cancer.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission said last month that children could
face an increased lifetime risk of developing lung or bladder cancer from
using playground equipment treated with the chemical, chromated copper
The commission staff urged delaying a decision on a ban until it had studied
the environmental accord.
"The C.P.S.C. has substantially underestimated the cancer risk," Jane
Houlihan, a vice president of the Environmental Working Group, said in
testimony to the commission. Her group and the Healthy Building Network, a
coalition of consumer and environmental groups, petitioned in 2001 for a
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