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Re: [greenyes] Plastic pumps, nozzles, etc., in packaging

maybe I state the obvious when I say that it would probably be best that people 
supply their product with a nozzle to begin with, and that refills be made available for 
the future, so that we do not need to re-buy something that usually works well for 
more than one bottle of product...


On 25 Feb 2003 at 19:11, Sam Warren wrote:

> Dear GreenYes-ers:
> I profile companies investors who are concerned about companies'
> social and environmental impacts.
> I am currently researching a company that makes pumps (the finger
> pumps on moisturizer), dispensing closures (as found on plastic
> ketchup bottles), and aerosol valves (the nozzle on a spraypaint can
> for example).
> I am interested in the opinion of the recycling community of this sort
> of product.
>  What are the impacts of products like these on recycling programs?
>  Are there any companies out there that take back, or have any other
> kind of Extended Producer Responsibility programs for, this type of
> product or something comparable?
>  Are there any resources out there that try to set a reasonable
> standard for the environmental responsibilities of the packaging
> industry?
> Thank you very much for your time.
> Sam Warren
> Research Analyst
> KLD Research & Analytics, Inc.
> 530 Atlantic Avenue
> Boston, MA 02210
> v617.426.5270x226
> f617.426.5299
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