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[greenyes] Environmental Paper Vision Sign-On
In November 2002, 75 members of 56 environmental groups from the U.S.,
Canada, Indonesia and the U.K. gathered together to join in an unprecedented
commitment to cooperation in furthering their work towards an
environmentally and socially sustainable paper production system. We would
like more organizations to endorse/sign on to the document to show the
unification that exists among environmental paper advocates on this issue.
Please see below for more information regarding the document and
how to sign on in support of it.

In the past, paper purchasers and industry have often received conflicting
demands and expectations about recycled and other environmental papers.
That's why we created the Environmental Paper Summit to launch networking
and collaboration among advocates, as well as lay a common framework for
outreach to paper purchasers, producers and suppliers; community and social
justice groups; labor unions; and more in an ever-widening circle of
coordination and support for environmentally sustainable paper production.
The more we join together, the more surely we can create this change.

The members of the steering committee, which include Conservatree, Center
for a New American Dream, NRDC, Environmental Defense, Co-op America,
Dogwood Alliance, ForestEthics, Markets Initiative, the Recycled Products
Purchasing Cooperative, and the Green Press Initiative, created the Common
Vision (, a
consensus document representing a positive proposal for environmentally and
socially sustainable paper that now dozens of other organizations are
signing on to as well. We first presented this Common Vision in January at
the Montreal Paper Week to positive response, and will be making another
presentation in New York in March.

The Common Vision document is intended as a framework broad enough to
encompass all the different types of work needed to create environmental
paper markets. While as a consensus document it represents the minimum
competency acceptable to all the groups, there is plenty of room within it
for efforts to maximize the best of different environmental aspects. It is
also intended to be a dynamic document that will grow and change with market
and system development.

Please join us! If your organization, government or company can sign on to
the Common Vision, please send an e-mail letting me know. I can also send
you a PDF of the document if you prefer. Thanks!

Susan Kinsella
Susan Kinsella
Executive Director
100 Second Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: 415/721-4230
Fax: 509/756-6987
E-mail: paper@no.address


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