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[greenyes] Worm Powering Kids
Worm Powering Kids

Looking for ideas on how to get involved during the 33rd anniversary
of Earth Day?

Eco-minded adults across the nation are planning to read "Compost, By
Gosh!" to groups of children to celebrate Earth Day 2003. To empower,
educate and love children is to read to them.
		Hundreds and thousands
		Of worms thrash about
		Through pits, stems and rinds,
		They weave in and out.

		While writhing and wriggling,
		On food scraps they dined.
		Now waste turned to gold
		Has come out their behind.
						©2003 Michelle Eva Portman

Mary Rife, retired Children's Librarian from the Kalamazoo Public
Library, says this about "Compost, By Gosh! An Adventure in
Vermicomposting" by Michelle Portman.

"At last a good book on vermicomposting for ages 4-9 with interest
for anyone involved in organic gardening and composting. The book
with its four-color illustrations and rhymed text catch the essence
of why compost! The squirmy redworms will sell children on
composting. Worms are kids' friends and finding out their usefulness
will prompt them to convince the adult in their life to set-up a
composting bin.

The book gives good instructions. The drawings help, showing the
steps from bin to black muck and healthy plants. An excellent
addition was the plants greening up the yard visible from the window.
That's proof of the worms' work.

Useful to anyone teaching about composting, worms, or how to set-up a
worm bin are the instructions with the selected bibliography at the
end of the book. A useful, fun book, by Gosh!"

Whether you read it to a small group, large group, library group,
gardening group, scout troop, school, or club, there are countless
opportunities to gather and share.

We've set up an area on Worm Woman's website for anyone who will
commit to read "Compost, By Gosh!" to any group of any size or age
leading up to Earth Day (April 22) and beyond. We call the program
"Worm Powering Kids." You can sign up, order the book (we'll pay the
postage if you sign up), even print out a flyer to post your event!
to learn more, get your name on the list, and see who else is there!

Mary Appelhof
Mary Appelhof, Author of "Worms Eat My Garbage"
Flowerfield Enterprises,10332 Shaver Road,Kalamazoo, MI 49024 USA
PLEASE NOTE NEW AREA CODE: PH:269-327-0108  FAX 269-327-7009

". . . changing the way the world thinks about garbage. . ."
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