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[greenyes] new Irish packaging law
Ireland acts on commercial packaging waste
Environment Daily 1391, 24/02/03
All Irish firms in the packaging chain will be required to segregate
commercial packaging waste and have it collected for recycling under a
regulation signed today by environment minister Martin Cullen.  The new
rules, which take effect on 1 March, aim at achieving a major increase
in packaging waste recovery.

Described by an environment ministry official as "radical and
innovative", the regulation closes a loophole that currently allows
firms to dump packaging waste if they have made it available for
recycling.  The new regulation will apply to all companies in the
packaging chain.  Furthermore, pubs, clubs and hotels, where packaging
is "consumed" on the premises, will also be covered.

About one-third of Irish commercial packaging waste is currently
recycled, according to the environment ministry.  It expects that up to
85% could be recycled under the new rules.  If achieved, this alone
would boost Ireland's overall packaging recycling rate by about a

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