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[greenyes] California Recycling Conference
This year CRRA is organizing our Annual conference off of our website. ? 
Below are key links to the Call for Papers, Exhibitors Packet and Conference 
Sponsor opportunities. ? CRRA has determined that all speakers will be NRC or 
CRRA members. ? However you can become a member now via our website. ? Early 
bird rates for registration as well as the call for papers are due by 
February 28, Early bird rates for Exhibitors are due by March 28.

This years event will be a bench mark in new millennium recycling conference 
training and networking. ? Our title is "On the road to Zero Waste, Choose to 
Recycle More."

Here are the conference links
<A HREF="";>CRRA 2003 Conference Sponsorship Information (pdf)</A> Early Bird Registration 
Due by February 28, 2003
<A HREF="";>Call For Papers</A> 
<A HREF="";>Attendee</A> 
<A HREF="";>Exhibitor</A> 
<A HREF="";>Exhibitor Prospectus</A>(pdf) 
Richard Anthony Associates
3891 Kendall Street
San Diego CA 92109
858 272 2905 (P)
858 272 3709 (F)

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