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Dear Friends,

The note below is from a person who worked with Samantha Schoenfeld and
others at the Foundation for Global Community, bringing Israelis and
Palestinians together in dialogue in the late 80's and early 90's.  He is
now working on a project to reduce the need for wood pulp in paper
production, and he would like to share information about what appears to be
a promising new technology.   I thought you might be interested... or
perhaps you know someone that could help this project along.

Cheers, Debbie Mytels

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From: "Oded Megiddo" To: Subject:
Date sent: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 15:38:20 +0200


My name is Oded Megiddo, and I was one of the Israeli participants in
the 1991 "Framework for a Public Peace Process" conference in Ben

We are currently representing OPT, an Israeli start-up company that had
developed an innovative technology for producing pulp - the main raw
material in the paper industry - from agricultural waste. We believe
that this technology can revolutionize the production of paper, solving
immense environmental problems worldwide, both in the usage of
agricultural waste (which nowadays creates a burden for farmers and is
primarily gotten rid of by burning), and in the reduction of timber

We are looking for strategic investors in OPT who would be truly
interested in developing the technology and utilizing its' environmental
benefits. Until now we have been negotiating with industry leaders in
the paper industry (mainly in Northern Europe), but it is our impression
that these industry leaders would be interested in OPT mainly in order
to swallow the company and abort the technological development, as it
might endanger their strong vested interests in the old methods &
sources of paper production.

I thought that your organization might be interested in helping us find
truly environment-minded firms that could be potential partners &
investors in OPT's innovative technology.

I am at your service for any information you might need to promote this

Yours Sincerely,

Oded Megiddo
Ampa Projects Ltd.
Globus Communication Center
Neve Ilan 90850
Tel. 972-2-5703552
Fax. 972-2-5702352
e-mail: omegiddo@no.address

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Samantha Schoenfeld
Foundation for Global Community
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Debbie Mytels                      --      ph: (650) 856-7580
2824 Louis Road                  --      fax: (650) 328-7785
Palo Alto, CA  94303          --       e-mail: dmytels@no.address

"Remembering the Future by our Actions Every Day."

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