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[GreenYes] Help Co-op Increase Recycled Paper Use Nationwide
A Co-op With a Cause: Increasing Recycled Paper Usage

The Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative (Co-op) needs your help to spread the word about its efforts to convert businesses and public agencies to using recycled paper. In just 3 years, the Co-op has converted over 350 businesses, public agencies, and schools to using recycled copy paper and we are asking that you let your friends and colleague know about our program.

The Co-op is partially funded by the U.S. EPA and is an award-winning provider of high quality, low-cost recycled copy paper. The Co-op uses its huge purchasing volume to negotiate prices on recycled paper that often meet or beat the price of virgin fiber paper (8% to 40% below the market for recycled). Membership is free-of-charge and comes with many benefits. Members include: City of San Diego, Aveda Corporation, Prescription Solutions, Montebello Unified Schools, Dickinson College, U.S. EPA Region 9, Feather River College, and many more.

Visit or call 800-694-8355 for more information.

The Co-op is a non-profit program. Every 5.5 cases used saves the equivalent of one tree, 40 feet tall and 7 inches in diameter. To date Co-op member purchases have saved nearly 30,000 trees, 8 million gallons of water, 5 million kilowatt hours of energy, and 75,000 pounds of air pollution. Buying recycled makes a difference. Do your part! Use recycled and help spread the word!!

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