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Re: [GreenYes] smart chip non-recyclable ink cartridges
Hi All,

I don't very often respond on green Yes unless there is a subject that I have pretty decent familiarity with.  Maybe that's true for most now that I think of it.

I did respond once before on the subject of Recyled Toner Cartidges as I used to be in that business; for 12 years.

I have not read all the exchanges on this recent chain of exchanges, so forgive me if I am repeating info already presented.

Now the info:

For years, recycling toner cartidges was a fairly easy process with the main challenge being the matching of the Toner and the Imaging Drum unit to work together electrostatically.  Once a new model of printer and therefore a new model of cartidge would come out in the marketplace, the manufacturer of the printer and toner cartridge will have a patent on the formulation of both the Toner and the make up of the layers of coating on the Imaging Drums.

So, no remanufacturers of the toner cartridges could actually get the same toner that the OEM used in the OEM toner cartridges. However, there is a multi-billion dollar industry supporting the toner cartridge recycling or refurbishing or remanufacturing or .... industry.  the role of this industry is to solve these issues to make that new model of cartridge recyclable.

As time went on, OEMs such at IBM/Lexmark and HP, and maybe Cannon and Brother, etc. did indeed feel the loss of sales due to toner cartridge recycling.  As one might expect new "systems" to prevent the recyclability of the toner cartridges were tried.

Speaking recently with my ex-business partner, who is still running the company, the Smart Chip has become the "system" of choice these days.

The Smart Chip works in a number of ways.  Some remember the serial number of the machine they were first put into, some remember when the toner runs low, but they ususally report in some way, on the display of the printer that the cartridge is a non-OEM or non-supported toner or ink cartridge.

My first suggestion in terms of how to address this issue would be to look to the multi-billion dollar industry that supports and feeds toner and ink cartridge recycling.

One big name is a company called Static Control at (800)356-2728.  I haven't looked up their web site in a long time, but I'm sure there is a lot on info on the products they sell to recycle different kinds of cartridges.

A call to them might tell you what printer to buy and what cartridge to buy, ie. if you have a Lexmark Printer, I believe you would need to by what is called a "non-prebate" cartridge.  This cartridge cost some $30 more initially, but I believe this cartridge can be recycled in that it is not against the law to not return it after it is used once.

In general, buying HP will increase the chances of having an empty cartridge that can be recycled.  Brother and Canon Fax are also a good bet.  But if you want to be more assured, call a local toner cartridge recycler or Static Control to see what they say.

I hope this helps,

Kim Springer
Recycling Specialist
Hillsborough and Burlingame, CA

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Subject: [GreenYes] smart chip non-recyclable ink cartridges

> Stephen, 
One "consumer beware"... there is no obvious indication that the printer
will only take  "smart chip" cartridges and the salesperso may not offer up 
this information either.  I was not aware that was the case with my Epson
C60 printer until I had opened it and used it for some time - and it was
too late to return it.

I'd still like a list of companies, but I would advise that you look at
the manual that comes with the printer and check out the details of "changing 
printer cartridges."  There it will give the message that you can "ONLY
USE . .."

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Subject: RE: [GreenYes] TAKE ACTION: Lexmark's Passion for Waste

Since I need to buy a new printer or two in the next few weeks is there a
list of printers which might be better to buy or a list to avoid?

Thanks, Steve Weisser

Stephen N. Weisser
"Close the loop with us"
GreenLine Paper Company


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