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[GreenYes] Court Order in Brazil Delays PET bottles for Beer
For those of you keeping tabs on efforts to bottle beer in PET, a
federal judge recently ruled in Brazil that the industry has to perform
an EIA & seek an environmental license before PET or any other plastic
can be used to bottle beer in that country.  He set relatively stiff
fines (by Brazilian standards) if brewers are licensed to bottle beer in
PET before such steps are completed, or if the brewers do not honor any
conditions laid down by environmental authorities when they grant the
environmental license.

Does anyone know of any other country where brewers/bottlers have been required to take such steps in order to utilize plastic beverage containers?


Sr. Keith Edward Ripley
Temas Actuales
e-mail: keith.ripley@no.address

Autor do livro "Solid Wastes and Recycling Policy in Latin America & the Caribbean"

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