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[GreenYes] cars
I'd love to *not* be car-dependent, even tho' I drive a fun VW New Beetle TDI 
(diesel) that I fuel with biodiesel (made of used veg oil). I'm learning to 
plan to take the commuter rail into the city whenever possible (altho' it 
dictates my schedule), sharing rides with friends and spending a little more 
to shop at the small local stores closer to my home. 

The design of cars is not going to change radically for another decade, and 
even then, they're not going to be made of biodegradeable recycled cardboard. 
It's important for our culture to know that the best environmental choice 
--and lifestyle choice--is shared resources and thinking about easier 
car-free communities. 

Remember that smarter resource use is peace work.

Carol Steinfeld
Center for Ecological Pollution Prevention

In a message dated 2/9/03 5:10:32 PM, greenyes-digest-help@no.address writes:
Yea, great.  Let's just give up our cars.  Fantastic!
Focus people... don't kill the car.  Kill the crappy design.
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