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[GreenYes] Recycling Mascot Costume
I am looking for a recycling mascot costume to purchase to promote our 
recycling  program at the festival. Rocco, the Operations Manager from our 
hauling company will be dressing up as Rocco the Recycling Rascal and giving 
prizes to kids and adults caught in the act of recycling. He will also be 
doing some public service announcement commercials with our Mayor to create 
awareness and excitement for the program in the months leading up to the 
festival. Please email me with your ideas for costumes. 

Thank you, 
Karen King
On the Waterfront, Inc.
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Producer of Illinois's largest music festival, On the Waterfront, Inc. is a 
501(c)3 organization whose mission is Community Advancement Through 

On the Waterfront has helped local Not-for-Profits raise over $7 million 
since 1986.

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