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[GreenYes] Green Flag School recycling audits
Hello Green Yes!

I am forwarding this information request from the Child Proofing
Campaign, as they need some help from the recycling community. Read on!

The Green Flag Program is a newly funded initiative of the national
Child Proofing Our Communities campaign, coordinated by the Center for
Health Environment and Justice. The program is designed to help
communities make their schools healthier places to learn, and to educate
students about environmental responsibility.? The program works with
students and adults to research problems and find solutions and promote
alternatives by educating peers and advocating positive policy changes
in the school. 

With each positive step that school communities take, the Child Proofing
Campaign presents awards to the school and students, culminating in the
presentation of the Green Flag Award of Environmental Achievement. 
Reducing, recycling, and reusing is one program area where schools can
get a Green Flag Award for completing improvements in their school's

We are in the process of putting together a criteria by which schools
could earn a Green Flag for their achievements in recycling, reuse and
reduction.? We have been advised by the Oregon Green School Association
and the Earth Flag program as well as several excellent committee
members.? However, we are still unable to locate a good school recycling
survey we could modify for our program.? 

********I would like to know if anyone out there has such a survey that
would serve the purpose of informing school communities on the extent of
their current recycling efforts and how far they would need to go.? This
would be something that would be filled out prior to a waste audit and
help a school assess the present state of its recycling, reuse,
reduction efforts. *******

If you would be willing to share such material and or would like more
information about this budding and ambitious program, please contact: 

Paul Ruther 
Campaign Coordinator 
Child Proofing Our Communities Campaign 
(703) 237-2249x21 
The Campaign is coordinated by the 
Center for Health, Environment & Justice 
P.O. Box 6806 
Falls Church, VA 22040 

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