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Re: [GreenYes] Garbage/recycling alternate pickups:Smelly garbage cans a thing of the past when you do worm composting
If anyone is interested in this subject, you can order an excellent free
book by going to
click on recycle and pan down to the subject matter toward the end.  It
really works.  Based on experience at Steele Creek Nature Center in
Bristol TN jump back when you apply the matter.  Whatever you are
fertilizing will leap up almost as you watch!

Powell Foster

On Tue, 28 Jan 2003 18:35:46 -0500 Mary Appelhof <mappelho@no.address>
> Kim Springer said, "If I forget to put my garbage out, then the 
> collection crew usually comes
> into my yard to get my can.  They are not obligated to do so, but I 
> suspect
> that they prefer to collect it on a weekly basis due to the smell 
> cause by
> the breakdown of the contents of most garbage cans.  A week later, 
> the same
>   can could be pretty smelly."
> I gave up smelly garbage cans when I started composting my garbage 
> with worms over 30 years ago. Keeping the organics out of the waste 
> stream keeps recyclables cleaner and trash free of offensive odors. 
> A 
> decade-old survey in Seattle reported over 4000 worm bins in 
> Seattle. 
> Vancouver distributes worm bins regularly to their citizens. Their 
> surveys show that people who have worm bins are more conscious about 
> the wastes they produce and pay more attention to the recycling they 
> do, ultimately producing less trash.  Visibility and media coverage 
> that the vermicomposting program provides brings in many people who 
> would not learn about the recycling programs otherwise.
> Mary Appelhof
> -- 
> PS We have a delightful children's color picture book, "Compost, By 
> Gosh!" by Michelle Eva Portman. I've had a wonderful time reading it 
> to elementary school children. . . and I know that middle school 
> kids 
> like it, too! Check our website for details. 
>  Available 
> now.
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