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Re: [GreenYes] SUV's and Bush Administration
My two cents on John Waddell's two cents...

> is increasingly difficult to drill for and refine oil in our own 
> Therefore, we look to imports to keep our country running. 

And that gives us the right to crush any natonal population that stands in 
the way of our addiction?

>  Let's also not forget that the easiest way to assure our continued oil 
>  from the middle east is to cozy up to Saddam. 

Nonsense.  Saddam has always been very possessive of his country's oil 
resources, as well he should be.  That's why he nationalized them in the 
'70s, causing Washington to see him as a strategic enemy for the first time.  
Back in '90, when he thought the western oil companies in Kuwait were 
slant-drilling into Iraq's deposits, he answered with an invasion, remember?  
The best way to obtain Iraq's oil at the preferred dirt-cheap price is to 
dispose of Saddam and install some spineless puppet in his place.  That's why 
they're doing it. 

>  Finally, let's remember that not ONE car dealer has held a gun to the head 
>  of a customer forcing the sale of an SUV.

Of course not.  With Madison Avenue, the Fourth Reich, and the world's most 
pervasive propaganda infrastructure all working overtime toward this same 
end, why would they need to?

Jon Phalen
Not a member of the club 

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