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[GreenYes] SUV's and Bush Administration
Mr. Anderson makes some valid points.  Let me add a few more!

Let's also never forget that with most of the United States declared 
"pristine" that it is increasingly difficult to drill for and refine oil in 
our own country.  Therefore, we look to imports to keep our country running.  
Let's also not forget that the easiest way to assure our continued oil supply 
from the middle east is to cozy up to Saddam.  Finally, let's remember that 
not ONE car dealer has held a gun to the head of a customer forcing the sale 
of an SUV.

This is off topic (recycling and solid waste) but had to put my two cents in. 
 I drive a Ford Thunderbird.  It gets about 22 mpg combined city/highway 
driving.  I don't know what Jesus would drive.

Happy days all!
John Waddell
KJWB Publications/Refuse News

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