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Re: [GreenYes] Europe and Producer Responsibility

You are absolutely right that this is a powerful affirmation of the value
that industry brings in their capacity to "re-design" the discard stream.

My question to you as a plastics expert is ... are we happy that polyester
is winning as their choice?

Eric Lombardi
Boulder, CO

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From: Peter Anderson <anderson@no.address>
To: GreenYes <greenyes@no.address>
Date: Friday, January 17, 2003 2:18 PM
Subject: [GreenYes] Europe and Producer Responsibility

>According to the 1/13/03 Plastics News ("Materials vying to meet recycling
>rules in Europe"):
>    "Polyester is stepping up as a possible resin of choice for European
>automakers seeking a single interiors material to ease recycling demands.
>    "Polyolefins have been at the forefront of prospects, pushed in part by
>pending European laws taht carmakers take responsibility for recycling more
>of their vehicles at the end of a car's life."
>    I mention this not out of any particular interest in which resin
>ultimately triumphs as that "single interiors material," but rather out of
>an intense interest at the enormous power of producer responsibility laws.
>    Those laws put the producer in the same predicament as we have been all
>these years. Dealing as we do most of the time with low value scrap, we can
>ill-afford to engage in costly separation of different materials before
>recycling, and now the auto industry is being forced to understand that
>directly in their pocketbook as well.
>    Very salutory.
>                                                    Peter
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