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RE: [GreenYes] Textbook Recycling
Given the fact [I'm told] that most US public schools are
starved of up-to-date textbooks; that some are using
books dating back to the 60's & 70's; that the govt needs
to find $41 billion in order to get public school libraries
up to date; that Bush has CUT spending in this area by
$39 million - whilst spending $10 billion per annum on
Star Wars "Defence" "Initiative"s!

[quote from CorpWatch:
Gagnon of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power
In Space sees the Bush Administration's massive military build
up in direct competition with funding for social programs.
"Spending hundreds of billions of dollars on Star Wars will
take money away from education, programs for women and children,
and health care," said Gagnon. "There is a direct link between
promoting weapons for space and the destabilization of our
communities. People must connect these struggles."] -


It seems a crying shame that there are ANY textbooks going
in bulk to recycling plants [though that God they aren't
to landfill - no doubt enough are!].

paul illich

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