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Re: [GreenYes] Recycling of auto windshields
A company in Idaho, Sandhill Industries, produces recycled glass tiles
from only recycled window glass. 

The window glass is crushed at a facility here, Enviro-Glass, to
certain specifications for Sandhill Industries.

I encourage everyone to look into each of these companies for ideas or
outlets for recycled window glass.

Megan Kershner
City of Boise

>>> "Reindl, John" <Reindl@no.address> 01/10/03 09:55AM >>>
One of our auto windshield replacement firms is looking for
alternatives for
recycling the glass that they generate each year at their shops here in
Midwest: about 125,000 windshields a year, weighing an average of 25

Does anyone have some leads that I could pass along to this firm?

Thanks much,

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, Wisconsin 


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