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Re: [GreenYes] Rick Best Environmental Activist Award
rick,  very nice tribute.  i'll ask chris to add it to our web site (see Who
We Are page).

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Subject: [GreenYes] Rick Best Environmental Activist Award

It was a nice event.

I flew out of Ontario, CA where I was working for a couple of days, and made
it to the event in Sacramento, CA at 6:30. There were several hundred
people there. Many of our comrades, his family and a lot of his friends
from the extensive social network he was a part of in Sacramento, attended.

The room was filled with the food that he loved; Waffles, Mexican food and
beer and wine. There were computer PowerPoint automatic presentations of
that showed Rick doing all the things he did in life. His presence was in
the room.

The program included his father and brothers with stories of love and pride,
songs from a cousin, sisters, several friends and testimonials and stories
from his friends and colleagues. California Integrated Waste Management
Board Members Paparian and Medina made a presentation. Mark Murray,
Californians Against Waste Director and former employer and
Assemblyman Keely (recent employer) spoke about working with Rick with
inspirational memories.

There was much smiling and tears. There were formal, informal and music
presentations. This would go on through out the evening.

I spoke near the end of the formal presentations about Rick Best and his
CRRA/CAW policy work on plastic. How his E-mailed legislative updates
galvanized the California recycling movement. About Rick coming to Georgia
for the first Grassroots Recycling Network organizing gathering at the river
at Rock Eagle and how that night before our coke action in Atlanta that
kicked off the "Make Coke keep their promise to recycle" campaign he had
caught the magic. He went on to lead GRRN as Board Chairman and on the BEAR
committee in bringing Coke around to our way of thinking. Because of his
inspirational life, I as a member of the GRRN Board of Directors was asked
announce the Boards decision to establish the GRRN Rick Best Award for
Grassroots Environmental Activism.

The applause was thunderous. Many people came to me and said they had been
moved by and appreciated, our action. And that night I witnessed and was a
part of at least three reunions, where leaders of activist groups in
California agreed to renew efforts to form a coalition to fight for
legislative changes, in tribute to the inspirational memory of Rick Best's

I flew home on the midnight flight feeling good about our chances.

Richard Anthony
Richard Anthony Associates
3891 Kendall Street
San Diego CA 92109
858 272 2905 (P)
858 272 3709 (F)

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