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[GreenYes] New Year - New Host - New System
Dear Greenyes Members,

Our website, email and GreenYes mailing list are changing hosts.
If you experience some problems with the GreenYes list, it may
be due to the changes we are making. Please bare with us as
we smooth out any wrinkles that may arise during the transition.

Within 48 hours:
a. The list  will automatically strip html,
pictures and attachments before they get posted to the list,
so that all posts show as text-only. If you send an attachment
that says merely, 'FYI' - that's all people will see is 'FYI' and
no attachment. Please be sure to write or copy what you want
to say into the body of your message.

b. Email addresses that bounce after a set number of times will
automatically be unsubscribed, but not before automated
attempts are made to be sure that either your mailbox is full or
your mailbox no longer exists.

c. Subscription/Unsubscription can be done a number of ways,
but I will attempt to make the easy web-subscribe/unsubscribe
method available again as soon as possible. If you have any
trouble subscribing or unsubscribing in the meanwhile, please
be sure to email me, and I will try to help you during the transition.

d. You may receive an email from time to time saying that you could
not be reached, and that your email is being tested to see if it still
If this happens occasionally, they may be simply ignored. It probably
means your mailbox was full, but you emptied it soon after several
attempts to deliver a message from GreenYes to you.

e. If you stop receiving the GreenYes list, it probably means you were
automatically unsubscribed while you were on vacation because your
mailbox was full. Please simply resubscribe.

f. The web address for greenyes is not changing: You will be able to reach the new
easy web subscribe/unsubscribe address here.

g. Web archiving will go on as usual.

h. If in traveling our site you notice some problems, please let me know
so that I may fix them. If you experience problems sending to
any GRRN staff member, please let me know at this address:
chris DOT sparnicht AT charter DOT net

Thanks for your patience.

Happy Holidays!


To post to the greenyes list,
email to:

subscription, faq and netiquette info for
this list are available here:
Please be sure to read the faq and netiquette
pages before posting.

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