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[GreenYes] Major Airlines Are Lacking a Recycling Program
    I recently took a plane trip on United Airlines and was disturbed to find 
out that they do not have a recycling policy (I was emailed back by ther 
customer service reps informing me of this).  The beverage cups offered to 
passsengers bare the recycling triangle yet they are all wastefully disposed. 
 Since they have over 75,000 passengers a day (at least for now) that would 
mean that nearly 500,000 plastic cups are thrown out a week, which is an 
appalling thought.  I was wondering whether their waste disposal company 
recycles any of the bottles, cans, and other recyclable items. I was also 
curious as to whether anyone was aware of campaigns toward promoting 
sustainable waste design and recycling initiatives for the major airline 
corporations?  I'm sure if United doesn't have a recycling policy then the 
other airlines do not as well.  I would be very interested in getting 
involved if there is a campaign?
Tim Galarneau
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