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[GreenYes] kitty litter again
Got this message from Anne Dorfman in Concord, MA in response to my previous message about bulk kitty litter. Oh well!


Its not so environmentally sound as it sounds.  They buy the kitty litter in
40 pound bags, then empty the bags into the bulk bin and let you use your
refillable containers to by 30 pounds. The funny thing is that they also
sell the 40 pound bags, but they charge more per pound to buy the 40 pound
bag than to refill the 30 pound reusable bucket, I can't figure this one
out. I, personally, find it much more difficult to carry a 30 pound bucket
than to throw a 40 pound bag over my shoulder, so I wish it was cheaper to
buy the 40 pound bag..... I believe they do this for marketing, gets you to
buy the bucket and keep coming back to their store.

So, the short of it is, I don't think there is much in the way of reducing
use of resources in their program, actually, they are encouraging the
purchase and use of plastic bucket in addition to the more recyclable paper

Ann Dorfman
Recycling and Disposal Program Administrator
Concord Public Works
133 Keyes Road
Concord, MA   01742
V: 978-318-3241
F: 978-287-4762
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